Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics


We are pleased to announce that a selected number of papers will be published on a Special Issue of the European Journal of Mechanics B/Fluids.
Selection will be made by a scientific committee at or immediately after the Colloquium.

A 2-4 pages long abstract must be prepared in accordance with the following templates:

The abstract must be submitted as a PDF file to the address:
The e-mail should indicate the name, address and affiliation of the author that shell attend the Colloquium.

Special sessions
People interested in coordinating a special session should send a one page proposal, including the title, the topics and scope, and a tentative list of participants.
Proposals must be sent by e-mail to

Phantom on stage session
People interested in presenting a demonstration are invited to submit their one page proposal by e-mail to
Proposals must include a title, a brief description of the experiment, and experimental support possibly requested to the organisation.

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